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Tame Impala - Let It Happen

[Verse 1]
It's always around me, all this noise
But not nearly as loud as the voice saying
"Let it happen, let it happen (It's gonna feel so good)
Just let it happen, let it happen"

[Chorus 1]
All this running around trying to cover my shadow
A notion growing inside, now all the others seem shallow
All this running around bearing down on my shoulders
I can hear an alarm, must be morning

[Verse 2]
I heard about a whirlwind that's coming 'round
It's gonna carry off all that isn't bound
And when it happens, when it happens (I won't be holding on)
So let it happen, let it happen

[Chorus 2]
All this running around, I can't fight it much longer
Something's trying to get out and it's never been closer
If my take off fails, make up some other story
But if I never come back, tell my mother I'm sorry

I will not vanish and you will not scare me
Try to get through it, try to bounce to it
All the while thinking I might as well do it
They be lovin' someone and I’m not that stupid
Take the next ticket to take the next train
Why would I do it? And you wanna think that

"Let It Happen" is the opening track and first song revealed from Tame Impala's third album, "Currents" released on March 11, 2015 as the lead single. The song centers on accepting personal transition, and was worked on in various locations around the world. The song runs nearly eight minutes long, and its second half contains sections of the song skippingly glitched, and stripped-down autotuned lyrics consisting of various lines spoken by Parker in live shows. A music video for the song was uploaded on August 17, 2015 to the group's VEVO channel on YouTube. The song peaked at number 29 on the Belgian Flanders singles chart, number 84 on the ARIA Singles Chart and number 152 on the French Singles Chart. In the U.S., the song charted at number 28 on Billboard's Adult Alternative Songs chart. "Let It Happen" appeared on many critics' year-end lists of the best songs of 2015.

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