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Tate McRae - r u ok

Are you okay?
'Cause you're the one who needed space
And finally now I'm doing fine
You would rather see me cry-y-y
Are you okay?
You're acting like we never changed
And finally I can sleep at night
Makes you wanna lose your mind

[Verse 1]
I know that you've been scared of love
And everything it did to us
But how am I supposed to open up
When you were just so good at closing off?
You're up and down, I'm inside out
You ripped my heart right from my mouth
And then I had to go and pick it up
And play it like I didn't give a fuck

You called up my phone fifty times from that party
3AM, you thought I'd be there in a heartbeat
It's your life but you might wanna put down the Bacardi
Mean this sincerely, dude

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