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Taylor Swift - Paper Rings

[Verse 1]
The moon is high
Like your friends were the night that we first met
Went home and tried to stalk you on the internet
Now I've read all of the books beside your bed
The wine is cold
Like the shoulder that I gave you in the street
Cat and mouse for a month or two or three
Now I wake up in the night and watch you breathe

Kiss me once 'cause you know I had a long night (Oh)
Kiss me twice 'cause it's gonna be alright (Uh)
Three times 'cause I waited my whole life (1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4)

I like shiny things, but I'd marry you with paper rings
Uh huh, that's right
Darling, you're the one I want, and
I hate accidents except when we went from friends to this
Uh huh, that's right
Darling, you're the one I want
In paper rings, in picture frames, in dirty dreams
Oh, you're the one I want

Swift reveals her commitment to her lover, recounting the story of their love and declaring that she is so willing to stay with him forever, she would forgot any formalities and marry him with homemade paper rings. The song is likely about her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Swift has shared the concept of this song at the secret sessions with some fans: “The whole song is just basically reminiscing on fun memories. And then in the chorus, it talks about how […], your whole life you talk with your friends about how, like, ‘Oh my God. Do you wanna get married? What do you want your ring to look like? What kind of ring do you want?’ I don’t know, I just feel like if you really love someone, love someone, you’d be like, ‘I don’t care.’ And so, it talks about that concept as the hook.”

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