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Taylor Swift - happiness

[Verse 1]
Honey, when I'm above the trees
I see this for what it is
But now I'm right down in it, all the years I've given
Is just shit we're dividin' up
Showed you all of my hiding spots
I was dancing when the music stopped
And in the disbelief, I can't face reinvention
I haven't met the new me yet

There'll be happiness after you
But there was happiness because of you
Both of these things can be true
There is happiness

Past the blood and bruise
Past the curses and cries
Beyond the terror in the nightfall
Haunted by the look in my eyes
That would've loved you for a lifetime
Leave it all behind
And there is happiness

[Verse 2]
Tell me, when did your winning smile
Begin to look like a smirk?
When did all our lessons start to look like weapons
Pointed at my deepest hurt?
I hope she'll be a beautiful fool
Who takes my spot next to you
No, I didn't mean that
Sorry, I can't see facts through all of my fury
You haven't met the new me yet

"happiness" is the seventh track from Taylor Swift's ninth studio album "evermore". It was released on December 11, 2020, through Republic Records. Despite its appearance, “happiness” has a deceptive title—as Taylor acknowledged herself during the “willow” premiere. It’s a classic Taylor track about moving on from a decaying relationship, but acknowledging the bits of joy that existed within a more destructive, hurtful context. It’s ultimately a hopeful song—what was bad was also good at times, and there will be good things still to come. She also mentioned that this was the last song written on the album—finished just a week before release. Dessner told Rolling Stone that Swift wrote “happiness” and bonus track “right where you left me” last, explaining: "I walked into the studio and Jon Low, our engineer here, was mixing and had been working the whole time toward this. And I came in and he’s in the middle of mixing and I was like, ‘There are two more songs.’ And he looked at me like, ‘…We’re not gonna make it.’ Because it does take a lot of time to work out how to finish them. But she sang those remotely. And the music for ‘happiness’ is something that I had been working on since last year. I had sang a little bit on it, too — I thought it was a Big Red Machine song, but then she loved the instrumental and ended up writing to it." This song debuted #52 on Billboard’s Hot 100, being the seventh-highest charting song off the album.

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