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The Game - Dreams (Produced By Kanye West)

[Intro: Sample]
"And I brought—"
"And I brought—"
"And I brought—dreams"
"And I brought you all my dreams 'cause I love you"
"I—love you"
"I—love you"
"I-I-I love you"

[Verse 1: The Game & (Sample)]
I woke up out that coma 2001
'Bout the same time Dre dropped 2001
Three years later the album is done
Aftermath presents: Nigga Witta Attitude, Volume One
Rap critics politickin', wanna know the outcome
Ready to Die, Reasonable Doubt, and Doggystyle in one
I feel like 'Pac after the Snoop Dogg trial was done
Dre behind that G series and All Eyez on Me
I watched the death of a dynasty, so I told Vibe Magazine
Workin' with Dr. Dre was a ("Dream")
I had visions of makin a classic, then my world turned black
Like I was starin' out of Stevie Wonder's glasses
It's kinda hard to imagine, like Kanye West
Coming back from his fatal accident to beatmakin' and rappin'
But, we the future, Whitney Houston told me that
It's gon' take more than a bullet in the heart to hold me back

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