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The Internet - La di da

[Verse 1: Syd]
I move like the silent g in designer
Real talk, something to say
My groove right, I might snatch up your wife
Smooth like it's nothin' to me
Get out my way, talk if you wanna
Me, I'm a goner, peace
I'm a hard act to follow, keep up your autumn
Move your feet, enjoy my sweet soirée
Look at me, I'm so suave
Dancing like your name Sade
Hey, why you so worried 'bout me?
No, no, no sir, not today

[Chorus: Steve Lacy & Syd]
I just came to dance
Wanna move
I can't with you
Sayin' la di da, la di da (la di da da da)
Said, I'm try'na dance (yeah yeah)
Catch a groove (yeah yeah yeah)
But not with you
We go la di da, la di da

[Verse 2: Syd]
I'm draped in designer, wage with the lineup
Face it, I'm out of your league
No, I'm right beside you, talk, I ain't try'na
Get back, I'm rollin' away
All in my face, chat with you later
Go find your posse, please
I'ma smooth operator, no, I'm your favorite
But let me enjoy my sweet soirée
I'm sorry that I'm so blasé
Why you dancin' like your name Sade?
Hey, why you so worried 'bout me?
I said no sir, not today

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