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The Lumineers - Sleep on the Floor

Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse
Take a withdrawal slip, take all of your savings out
Cause if we don't leave this town
We might never make it out
I was not born to drown, baby come on

[Verse 1]
Forget what Father Brennan said
We were not born in sin
Leave a note on your bed
Let your mother know you're safe
And by the time she wakes
We'll have driven through the state
We'll have driven through the night, baby come on

If the sun don't shine on me today
And if the subways flood and bridges break
Will you lay yourself down and dig your grave
Or will you rail against your dying day

[Verse 2]
And when we looked outside, couldn't even see the sky
How do you pay the rent, is it your parents
Or is it hard work dear
Holding the atmosphere
I don't wanna live like that

"Sleep on the Floor" is a single by American folk rock band The Lumineers from their second studio album "Cleopatra". The song was released on November 16, 2016, by Dualtone Records, with the accompanying music video being released the same day. The song was written by members Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites, and produced by Simone Felice. The official music video was released via the Lumineers' YouTube and Vevo accounts on November 16, 2016. As of August 2021, it has gained over 170 million views. The music video was directed by Isaac Ravishankara, who also directed The Ballad of Cleopatra videos compilation, starring Elise Eberle and Adam C. Lively. The clip begins with a scene of a girl attending her father's funeral, then her boyfriend tells her "If we don't leave now, you may never make it out". Then the girl goes with him into a car and they drive throughout all the state; after some mechanical problems with their car, they finally arrive at a house where they spend the night. The same night they get married; the music video ends with them going to sleep on the house's floor but when it dawns, she was the only one laying down on the floor. This means the rest of the video was what could’ve happened if she left with her boyfriend.

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