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The Notorious B.I.G. - 1970 Somethin' (feat. The Game and Faith Evans)

[Intro: Notorious B.I.G. (Faith Evans)]
1970 somethin', 1970 somethin'
1970 somethin', 1970 somethin' (Oooooh)
1970 somethin', 1970 somethin' (Ooh ooh oooooh)
1970 somthin'

[Verse 1: Notorious B.I.G. (Faith Evans)]
1970 somethin'
Nigga I don't sweat the date, my moms is late
So I had to plan my escape, out the skins
In this world, the fly girl (Yeah)
Tanqueray or Hennessy until I called Earl
Ten months in this gut, what the fuck (Hey yeah)
I wish moms would hurry up so I could get buck
While, Juvenile rippin' mics and shit (Ooh)
New York, New York ready for the likes of this
Uh, then came the worst date, May, 21st
2:19 is when my mama water burst
No spouse in the house, so she rolled herself
To the hospital, to see if she could get a little help
Umbilical chord's wrapped around my neck (Ooh)
I'm seein' my death, and I ain't even took my first step
I made it out, I'm bringin' mad joy (Ooooh ooh ooh)
The doctor looked and said "He's gonna be a Bad Boy."

[Hook: Faith Evans (BIG)]
I remember back in time
(1970 somethin', 1970 somethin')
Before all the homies died
Before all the dollars and nines
I knew that I was goin' somewhere
(19, 70 somethin', 1970 somethin')
Let me take you back in time
Before I even got the rhyme, before I had nickels and dimes
I knew that I was goin' somewhere yeah

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