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The Roots - The Hypnotic

The Hypnotic, The Hypnotic, The Hypnotic...

[Verse 1: Black Thought]
Yo, I knew this girl named Alana with mad persona
She dealt with reality, she never fed into the drama
I met her through my nigga named Jermaine Palmer
Who knew her through his peoples by the Baltimore Harbor
Alana was a Marilyn
Thorough and attractive shorty that's relaxed with me
And kickin' back with a phat flick to cool out
Was stressed 'cause the game'll make you wanna pull a tool out
And go the old-school route
But all of that ceased when that piece checkin' the jewel out
A brother was charged, light a spliff and listen to The DeBarge
Let the shorty hit me with a massage to anoint
Lubricatin' my meridian points
That was the summer, easy to remember
Alana was all up on Tariq agenda; how I used to back-bend her
She even told her best friend Belinda from Virginia
Who asked me if I had a cousin I could recommend her
But as time flowed on, we grew more mature and further apart
When I began to do tours, we lost contact and slowly parted
Reminiscin' of when it started
It keep me feelin' heavy hearted
A stolen moment, periodic
Addicted to her presence like a narcotic
Though, I wonder if she ever got it, The Hypnotic
That faded like a dream sequence that persuaded
Beyond bein' infatuated, spiritually intoxicated
Calm, sedated, I concentrated on how to get in touch with her
'Cause the fact of the matter remain that I miss The Hypnotic

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