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The Vamps - Missing You

[Verse 1]
I've had space and time to realize the grass ain't greener
And I kinda miss my side
Know I shoulda listened when you told me the first time:
"You won't find another like me"
'Cause I'm sat here in my front room with a girl who ain't you
Hopin' and prayin' you're breakin' up with another fool
Who didn't hear the words that I hear on the same loop:
"You won't find another like me"

Maybe I shoulda loved harder
Put up more of a fight
I know I could've been stronger tonight

I look for love, but there's a space inside my mind
Where I keep on missing you, I keep on missing you
If you've seen enough, know that I'll be right here
Now with somebody new, I keep on missing you

You, you

[Verse 2]
I learned every lesson, no more guessing
No more reasons why I should be reminiscing
Instead of saying how I feel (I feel)
Instead of running from what's real (Why)
'Cause I can't keep all this weight on my shoulders
I can't sleep while my bed's getting colder
Strip it back and underneath, I know
I'm scared you'll find another like me

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