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Tina Turner - Goldeneye

See reflections on the water
More than darkness in the depths
See him surface in every shadow
On the wind I feel his breath
Goldeneye I found his weakness
Goldeneye he'll do what I please
Goldeneye no time for sweetness
But a bitter kiss
Will bring him to his knees
You'll never know how I watched you
From the shadows as a child
You'll never know how it feels
To be the one who's left behind
You'll never know the days, the nights,
The tears, the tears I've cried
But now my time has come
And time, time is not on your side
See him move through smoke and mirrors
Feel his presence in the crowd
Other girls they gather around him
If I had him I wouldn't let him out
Goldeneye not lace or leather
Golden chain take him to the spot
Goldeneye I'll show him forever
It'll take forever to see what I've got
You'll never know how I watched you
From the shadows as a child
You'll never know how it feels
To get so close and be denied
It's a gold and honey trap
I've got for you tonight
Revenge is to kiss,
This time I won't miss
Now I've got you in my sight
With a Goldeneye,
Golden, Goldeneye
With a Goldeneye, Goldeneye

"GoldenEye" is the hit theme performed by Tina Turner used for the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye. The song was written especially for Turner by Bono and The Edge of U2 when they learned that she had been offered to sing the theme to the upcoming Bond movie, and the track was produced and mixed by renowned British producer/remixer/composer Nellee Hooper, best-known for his work with Massive Attack, Madonna, U2 and Björk. The GoldenEye theme became one of the highest-charting hit singles of Turner's career, reaching #10 on the UK Singles Chart and a Top 5 hit in most European countries. DJ David Morales has performed a club remix of the song, while record producer Dave Hall has provided a more urban flavour on his remix; both versions were included on the European 4 track CD single. "GoldenEye" was first released on the original motion picture soundtrack and the following year it was included on Turner's album Wildest Dreams.

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