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Trashcanned - Acrimony

I watch our tragic morals
Over and over again
(everything meaningless)
Everything a misconception
Driving us all insane
(this is where darkness lies)
Everyone so self-important
A waste of empathy
(sentenced to carry on)
Our selves concealed forever
Society's masterpiece
(everyone trapped in here)
Everyone trapped in quicksand
But thoughts still carry on
(craving for sacred sleep)
Craving for sacred sleep and
The illusion of control

I chase the days away
While every piece of me dies
Sentenced to walk in line
Debris inside

Everyone follows blindly
While they still feed us lies
(while they still feed us lies)
Everyone lacking choices
But perfectly in line

Walk in line
Walk in line

Illusion of control
They make me lose my speechYou might also like

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