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Trina - BAPS

[Intro: Trina & Nicki Minaj]
Ayo, Trina! You ready?
Ayy, Nic'! Let’s get 'em! Yeah
Light the blunt

[Verse 1: Trina]
This is for French Montana, Tory Lanez and friends
J. Harden, and you, too, Mr. Martin
I curved y'all boys (No disrespect to y’all boys)
Yeah, I curved y'all boys (No disrespect to y'all boys)
And to my niggas with bitches that like causin' drama
Me and my bad bitches, we like "Fuck his baby mama"
He cop me them Chanel bags, them diamonds VVS
You see this 500 million dollar mansion that's wrapped 'round my neck

[Verse 2: Nicki Minaj]
This is for the ones who happily always toppin' me sloppily
If your money Monopoly, I ain't fuckin’ you properly (No)
He been tryin’ the liquor, taste like a strawberry daiquiri
The interior chicken and the exterior broccoli
When I come through in that Range Rov', the Barbie chain glow
Keep a baddie with me and we curve ’em like a rainbow
Rockin' ice grills like some serious bitches (Let's go)
It's the Barbie and the baddest, Sagittarius bitches

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