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Twenty One Pilots - We Don't Believe What's on TV

[Verse 1]
We don't believe what's on TV
Because it's what we want to see

And what we want we know we can't believe
We have all learned to kill our dreams

I need to know
That when I fail you'll still be here
Cause if you stick around, I'll sing you pretty sounds
And we'll make money selling your hair

I don't care what's in your hair
I just wanna know what's on your mind
I used to say I wanna die before I'm old
But because of you I might think twice

[Verse 2]
Alright, second verse
What if my dream does not happen?
Would I just change what I've told my friends?
Don't want to know who I would be
When I wake up from a dreamer's sleep


[Chorus] (x2)

“We Don’t Believe What’s On TV” interplays two of Tyler’s possiblities in "Blurryface": that his aspirations will not turn out, and that he’ll have his loved ones regardless of what happens. Although Tyler remains uncertain, he knows that he at least can look past the superficial to his wife, family, friends, and fans. Tyler shared during one of his stage performances that he wrote “WDBWOT” for his mom. Lyrically and musically, it is similar to the other song he wrote for his mom called “House of Gold,” which is also played on the ukulele and appeared on twenty one pilots 2013 album, "Vessel". “WDBWOT” directly follows “Polarize” on the album, and since this is the first truly upbeat track on the album, it would seem that things have started to get better after he has run toward God for help and “discernment” in the previous song. Firstly, the song’s title comes from its first verse instead of its chorus. Secondly, it is essentially a vision of the world for this song, using TV as metaphor. According to the song, cynical, intelligent people don’t believe what’s on TV explicitly because it’s what is popularly desired (eg., things we want never happen, so TV can’t be true). “We Don’t Believe What’s on TV” was certified gold by the RIAA on October 13, 2017.

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