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Tyla Yaweh - They Ain't You

You go

[Verse 1]
Life is crazy on the road
I live like I don't miss you but who am I fooling?
Shut me out and treat me so cold
I'm tryna not let my feelings show but-
You constantly cross my mind and
Laying in the bed by myself sometimes guess
I don't need 'cause the girls they fine but
They ain't like you, swear

They don't go to bed like you, no
They don't buss it down like you, no
They don't love trap like you, no
They don't cut the deals like you, no
They ain't you, they ain't you

[Verse 2]
I pop another bottle just to spray it in the crowd
'Bout a couple thousand people and I hear 'em screaming loud
And my ears they get to buzzing and my brain is blacking out
When the show is done, you the only one I wanna tell about it, yeah
You know this life too
You making moves, you doing you
I'm never too tired to show you the proof
What I gotta do?
I love you, there I said it
When I'm sober I regret it
But they ain't like you, swear

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