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Volcano Choir - Alaskans

Last time that I saw you
You had me housed up on your red red rum
Stranded in the housing
Of our moving house and ...

We were gonna hit every port
And every cape town
We were gonna give a full report, of sorts
To your mother up in Cabo and her new cohort

Can't believe your father left his land
The creed
To cry:
Rely, rely, rely, rely
Behave, behave, behave, behave ...
Spend all of that time not wanting to

Climbed up on your carpet
There's a car pit in our minds were in
Shameless and humming
Like a violent strumming

We were gonna hit every mark, in stark
But the sutra didn't suit ya that long day in the park
I'm talking about it
Talking real love
I wanna re-up
On that love

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