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Weezer - Interview 107.7 the End Blue Vs. Pinkerton

Hi, The End

Hey, hey yeah. I would like to know


Why was your first self titled album so like put together and perfect and why was your second album like

Less like that?



What a bummer

Dude, you’re bumming me out

Because like your first album was like cool but it sucked but your second album came back and like

Sucked but it was cool

The point you’re tryin to make is that the first album was very produced, the second album had a much more raw feel to it

They paid like $2,000 for the first album and like $500 for the second one

It costs a lot of money to sound like that

When we went to make our first album we were all very um


No, it wasn’t that, it was we were nervous and we wanted to sound good so I think we were in the wrong frame of mind. We were making sure everything was perfect and it came out sounding a bit sterile I think.


I’m on your home page right now


That’s great

I’ve never even been there so I don’t know what you’re looking at

You’re glad

So are you um, the second album, when you went in to record it was it an intentional thing to make it more raw sounding, Rivers?

No, I think it was just

A bit more natural

Just be ourselves, yeah. Be natural. And

C sharp

At that point we had toured for a year and a half so we were pretty confident that we could just press record and it would sound presentable.

So we just had fun.

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