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Weyes Blood - Something to Believe

[Verse 1]
Drank a lot of coffee today
Got lost in the fray, I gave all I had for a time
Then by some strange design, I got a case of the empties
The ruler of my world, a lost forgotten pearl
When fire leaves a girl
Too burned to dry my life
Living on a fault line
And then I-

I just laid down and cried
The waters don't really go by me
Give me something I can see
Something bigger and louder than the voices in me
Something to believe

Didn't always do it right
Might have left the heat on high
Didn't know I had any left
Thought I finally met my death
Gonna do all I can
Stay away from the quicksand
Gonna do all I can

After a few years working in a hinterland of avant-garde noise and outsider folk, 2019's Titanic Rising announced a bold, new widesceen persona for Weyes Blood AKA Natalie Mering. A touring/duetting partner of Father John Misty, Mering is also adept at tweaking the '70's LA sound - helped by the creamiest Karen Carpenter vocals.

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