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Within Destruction - Void

With blackened eyes, staring at our fragile creation
A slithering claw pierces the veil of vivid light
Crawling through the void of oblivion
To stalk the breathing and harvest the misery

Draining the life of the living
As they fall hopelessly, crushing the ground
They bleed out their worthless bodies
Wasting away the mortal debris

Upon the revulsion
Ascending from a creeping calm
High above the sky unlit
To reign hazard upon society

Unleash the flood to drown humanity
Let them suffocate for their worthlessness
Deliver the plague to sicken the new-born
Let them die at the hands of their creator
Break through the spines of the cursed
Poison the realm so bright above
Commit all who bless the soul with hope
To burn beyond infernal region

Upon this chaos of purification
Obscured shadows stain the walls, built exceeding
The disgrace departed
To arise a tainted paradise

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