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Wu-Tang Clan - It's Yourz

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Machine-gun rap for all my niggas in the back
Stadium packed, linebacker nigga flash stacks
See through yellow lines, rock a fly jersey in the summertime, God
Magic marker rap, bleed betadine
Relaxed, wrote this, comin' at you crab-ass culprits
Snatch ya ice off, chillin' in the back, throw the lights off
Waves, water blend, rhyme flow in slow motion
Thick snare, I'm feelin' like a snail in the ocean
What's your wish? Wanna Kringle like Kris?
Melodic single, darts snap a nigga just like fish
You fucked up some rich niggas you done tested, yo
Select the wrong apartment and niggas pulled up your dress
Style, molest that, Canal chain, nigga, where ya vest at?
Flex'll make me wanna bless that, yo
Saddam Hussain niggas, light the torch, we flamin' niggas
Autograph that, flatten all the main-niggas

[Hook: Sample + RZA + U-God]
("It's Yourz!") The world in the palm of your hand
("It's Yourz!") 23 million of useful land
("It's Yourz!") The seed and the black woman
("It's Yourz!") Double LP from Wu-Tang Clan
("It's Yourz!") Yo
("It's Yourz!")

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