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Wu-Tang Clan - Reunited

[Intro: Ms. Roxy]
It's Wu motherfuckers, Wu-Tang motherfuckers
It's Wu motherfuckers, a Wu-Tang motherfuckers
It's Wu motherfuckers, a Wu-Tang motherfuckers
It's Wu

[Verse 1: GZA]
Reunited, double LP, world excited
Struck a match to the underground, industry ignited
From metaphorical parables to fertilize the Earth
Wicked niggas come, try to burglarize the turf
Scatting off soft-ass beats them niggas rap happily
Tragically, that style deteriorate rapidly
Uncompleted missions, throwing your best known compositions
You couldn't add it up if you mastered addition
Where I come from, getting visuals is habitual
You're more safe walking on hot coals in rituals
I splash the paint on the wall, formed a mural
He took a look, saw the manifestation of it was plural
Rhyming while impaired, dart hit your garment
Pierced your internal streamlined compartments
Just consider the unparalleled advantage
Of a natural disaster that's impossible to manage

[Verse 2: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Bitchass niggas counterfeit the funk
I smoke the bead of the skunk, tree top of the trunk
Moonshine drunken monk, your head get shrunk
Your treasure sunk, I be fucking bitches by the chunk
My name black, you worms wanna play in my dirt
Bitch stop, my Momma serve free lunch from the church
I cum like a thousand doves
Bitch you quiet at the bus, making no fuss, I got self love
Unglove the noose, watch a nigga transfuse
Dirty add to the fuse, heavy at the booze
I don't walk, I get carried
Gold and platinum Frisbees on my wall, looking properly
But comely, I U.F.O. you Wright Brothers
The Indian that sold Manhattan to the white man
My grandfather, step up and get knocked right the fuck out
Come to the cook-out, dirty bitch at the mouth
You scared, run around like the plane about to crash

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