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a-ha - I've Been Losing You

It wasn't the rain that washed away
Rinsed out the colours of your eyes
Putting the gun down on the bedside table
I must have realised

It wasn't the rain that made no difference
And I could have sworn it wasn't me
Yet I did it all so coldly, almost slowly
Plain for all to see

Oh, come on, please now, talk to me
Tell me things I could find helpful
How can I stop now?
Is there nothing I can do?
I have lost my way
I've been losing you

I can still hear our screams competing
You're hissing your s's like a snake
Now in the mirror stands half a man
I thought no one could break

It wasn't the rain that made no difference
Nervously drumming on, run away
But I want the guilt to get me, thoughts to wreck me
Preying on my mind

"I've been losing you" is the 3rd track on the 1986 album Scoundrel Days. It was the first single released from the album, reaching #1 in Norway and #8 in the United Kingdom's Singles Chart. "I've Been Losing You" became the most commercially successful single from the album in Europe, achieving worldwide sales of over 1.1 million copies. The music video for this track was shot in a wide arena in Los Angeles.

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