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alt-J - Tessellate

[Verse 1]
Bite chunks out of me
You're a shark and I'm swimming
My heart still thumps as I bleed
And all your friends come sniffing

Triangles are my favourite shape
Three points where two lines meet
Toe to toe, back to back, let's go
My love, it's very late
'Til morning comes
Let's tessellate

Go alone, my flower
And keep my whole lovely you
Wild green stones, alone, my lover
And keep us on my heart

[Verse 2]
Three guns and one goes off
One's empty, one's not quick enough
One burn, one red, one grin
Search the graves while the camera spins
Chunks of you will sink down to seals
Blubber rich in mourning
They'll nosh you up, yes, they'll nosh the love away
But it's fair to say, you will still haunt me

"Tessellate" is a song by English indie rock band alt-J from their debut studio album "An Awesome Wave". The song was written by Joe Newman, Gus Unger-Hamilton, Gwilym Sainsbury and Thom Green and produced by Charlie Andrew. It was released on 13 July 2012 as the album's third single. A music video to accompany the release of "Tessellate" was first released on YouTube on 9 July 2012. The video was directed by Ben Newbury and is an artistic reworking of the famous painting The School of Athens by Raphael, using 21st century characters in a room similar to the painting's background (Panthéon, in Paris). To reinforce the connection, one of the characters at the very beginning of the clip is wearing a printed T-shirt of the painting.

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