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beabadoobee - Tired

[Verse 1]
You haven't been good for long
Is it the sound of your own thoughts
That always keeps you up at night?
Maybe it's time to say goodbye
'Cause I'm getting pretty fucking tired

[Verse 2]
You haven't felt right for days
Is it the fact you never say
What comes in your mind that day?
Maybe it's time to shut away
'Cause I've never really felt okay

[Verse 3]
'Cause I've been eating less all day
To give my brain some extra space to think
'Bout all the things to do to help
Distract me from the rude of heart

“Tired” is about the stressed and scattered brain of every human out there. It’s about that era, that period, that moment in time we all go through where everything seems pointless and you feel like you’re drowning in an endless pit.

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