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beabadoobee - Together

[Verse 1]
Crash the car again
The same mistakes again
Don't wanna hurt you like I did

'Cause I'm not waiting for you
But I don't want to hurt you

[Verse 2]
All alone again
It hurts my heart again
I think my blood is running thin
I'm away again
It hurts my head again
Don't wanna be away from your skin
'Cause I'm not waiting for you
But I don't want to hurt you
Guess that's how my life will go
At least we're together though, together though
Together though, together though

[Verse 3]
Hurt myself again
I thought you'd notice it
Don't wanna fix it like you did

'Cause I don't want to let you know
I've been thinking of letting you go
Guess that's how the whole story ends
At least we're together again, together again
Together again, together again

I think I'm okay by myself, I'm doing great
But we'd be better together, better together
Together though, together though, together againYou might also like

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