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clipping. - La Mala Ordina

[Verse 1: Daveed Diggs]
The bags on the table ain't for weight, they for body parts
Victim skin stretched across the wall, call it body art
Bodies for the pile, bring 'em out stacked on a dolly cart (Yeah)
Anybody out there ain't on drugs yet, they should prolly start (Start)
This too real
Talking 'bout your life's a movie when the party start (Turn up)
But you ain't pick a genre, lil' bitch that wasn't hardly smart (No)
The script was shit, your third act really drags, the structure falls apart
So here the fixer come, clipping limbs to serve 'em à la carte
The horror show was so wack, you said you'd never go back
But you standing over the stove talking 'bout you really know crack
(What you know)
Crack is what a skull do (Yep), so if someone getting brain
That mean it was nice to know you, the spinal fluid a go-to
To thicken the pot, the clique out in the whip whipping the snot
Out a submissive till he shit blood
You thought they was dickin' a thot?
You got your rap shit fucked up
Matchstick tucked up under the tongue
Pour the oil, smell the sulfur, then you run (Run)

[Verse 2: Elcamino]
I'm rollin' up in the back of a G-wagon
I'm always on G-status, look (Look G'ed up, nigga)
40 on my lap, that's the heat package
I'm from a hood where we beat rappers (We beat these pussy ass niggas)
We way too grimey, we don't see rappers (Don't see y'all niggas)
They s'posed to be street, but really be actors
I really be with the jackers
The ones who be clappin' shit and pistol packin'
Niggas who really trappin' (Really trappin')
Cocaine selling with 60 in they mattress (Stackin' nigga)
And do it with passion
This how these bitches be doin' they lashes
I hate niggas that sit on they asses (Fuckin' hate y'all niggas)
Always asking but they ain't makin' shit happen
Get out my way I'm craftin', laughin' (We laughin')
Let me spark my matches

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