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zatslol - Dear Twilight Sparkle

Dear Twilight Sparkle what's it like in ponyville?
i told you to make some friends
and i'm so certian that you will eventually
I hope you're listening to me, well soon I'll see.

Dear Twilight Sparkle don't you worry about my sister
So get there soon and meet some ponies and i've written you a list of things to do
decorations, music and the food.
and weather too.

Elements of harmony 4x
You can set her free

Dear Twilight Sparkle I know setting in is hard
But just believe me when I say you'll soon be going out to parties and the rest
I promise this is for the best
You've not long left

Dear Twilight Sparkle I wonder every single day
If you've been making any friends or if you're putting up okay with this new place
Because now my sister's back from space
Oh please stay safe

Elements of harmony 4x

Now nightmare moon seems pretty dark
But deep inside she has a heart
I'm telling you there is no other way
And friends are all you need because
despite what Luna says and does
I know she hasn't always been this grey.
Now Twilight I can promise you
That by the time this day is through
My sister will be just like us again
Be just the same

Dear Twilight Sparkle you did well my faithful student
So now stay here with all your friends and write to me whenever you've learnt something new
thank you for stopping nightmare moon
I expect a letter from you soon
Dear Twilight Sparkle I miss you
So write me soon

Elements of harmony 4x
And you set her free

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